MEDIATION: Experts at Mediations

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Experts at Mediations Why not? Posted by ADMIN February 6, 2012 I recently attended a seminar put on by members of a specialized practice within the Arizona State Bar. While learning a lot about the area of practice, I was surprised to learn that among the mediators in this area all absolutely refused to allow the parties’ experts to attend or participate in the mediation. At least those that spoke or voiced opinions held this opinion. Afterwards at a break and later at a mediation in this area, I developed the...

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Why Fear A Joint Session?

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MEDIATION IN ARIZONA: WHY FEAR A JOINT SESSION? Observations of an Arizona Mediator   After nearly 4 years serving as an Arizona mediator, I realized that starting a mediation with a joint session involving parties and counsel will be a rare event. The response to my notification that I plan on starting in joint session is almost universally the same from all counsel: “it will only make matters worse” or  “the parties are too hostile.”  The cases to which I refer are not divorce cases nor are they cases...

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